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* Alex Vignoli will be exhibiting at Manolis Projects during the
Art Basel Miami week (Dec 2017) *
Please join us for Artists Party • December 9th, 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

* * *
Alex Vignoli exhibited at Manolis Projects during this events:

Art Wynwood week (Feb 2017)
Art Miami/Art Basel week (Nov/Dec 2016)
Extended Show (April-Nov 2016)
Grand Opening (April 2, 2016)
Pre Opening (Feb 13, 2016)
Buzz TV interviewing Alex Vignoli during the Manolis Projects grand opening (April, 2016)
In the center: Two photos (60 x 40 inches each) behind Miles Slater's sculpture at Alex Vignoli's booth, showing 18 photos during the exhibition at Manolis Projects (Miami - Dec 2016)
Dr. Gary Flax, Alex Vignoli and friends (April, 2016)
© Alex Vignoli - Artist exhibiting some images from "Alex's Books" series and "Body of Books" series - Feb 2016
Manolis projects - photo gallery space, showing images from Rafael Balcazar (left wall) and Alex Vignoli (right).
Manolis Projects - interior sitting area and photo gallery space behind. Two "Lapis (Pencils)" series on far right at back wall are images create and produced by Alex Vignoli.  Photo gallery space showing images from the photographers: Rafael Balcazar (left wall), Alex Vignoli (center) and Maria Galli (right wall). The painting "Black & White" above sofa - by the artist J. Steven Manolis (please visit his website here).
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