Good old stories were printed or told once. About the many old books that got from friends. What to do with them? I tried to donate and nobody wants to take or sell them. So, with this situation the creativity takes the place after the questions with "what?" and "how?". Bright lights and decision - "I need to make a visual story over the books with stories", I thought. Envisioned a high contrast black & white photos to keep the time in mind. But white against the white, more lines. And then what? "Let's fold these books, let's make graphic images from these pages with unique way as good as their stories unfold while reading (looking)", I said.

Alex's Books is a books folding series made by old books, art books and catalogues. 
Media: Books folding sculptures, various sizes  -  Photos: Limited Edition Prints available

Please contact me for more details -
" The (Fat) Belly Society "
" InFlexible "
" Ballet Dancer "
" Choix de Textes "
" Flip My Heart "
" Building Knowledge "
" The Wall of Partition "
" Wings "
" Lines of Knowledge "
" Intimacy "
" Livro 5 "
" Capa "
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