1997 Photo contest Winner photo, ARCHITECTURE category - riverhead Free library, riverhead, NY

© alex Vignoli - "The Station", 1997, 35mm film, photo on paper, 5" x 7"

winner Photo contest finalist (#13 out of 6240 ENTRIES) at viewbug.com - PLEASE SEE HERE. 

the image won featured (September 2016) and selected top ten Awards 22 times.

many awards and featured at viewbug.com

© Alex Vignoli - "Winterland: snow blast", 2010, photo

Wow!  I think it is a good shot, and PEOPLE  like this photo, right?

© Alex vignoli - "Lines to go and to come", 2016 - NY

Winner achievement in originality and featured on Viewbug.com

© alex vignoli - "Long Beach harmony" (hamptons driving series), 2006, photo

2006 art competition: most thought-provoking winner @ crazy monkey gallery

© Alex Vignoli - "Freedom of Knowledge", 2006

photo montage, archival ink print on texture  fine art paper, 20" x 30"

display of the winners - crazy monkey gallery - amagansett, ny (2006)

Southampton press, at the galleries - about crazy monkey gallery art competition, february, 23, 2006

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