How many stories do we need to know? And how many ways we can tell the same story? Is it possible to hold so many stories at once? I guess not. It will depend on how you see and hear the story, your experiences in life will define in the moment polishing your understanding. Surely our brains vibrate in many levels. So, here are my ways to tell in a visual interpretation. They will be distorted to the extreme, maybe not so much. On this series, I want to interconnect the previous series of book folding and pencils. Merging them together and move to the next level. From an old and traditional to a modern and colorful look. I want to compare this to how knowledge moved the world to the industrial revolution era. What do you see? Hey, FYI there is no photoshop editing on this images, pure photography! Comments are welcome as always. This is the 3rd part of Alex's Books series, which I started to produce on 2016. At moment, few highest quality limited edition prints are available in Southampton, NY, ​and Miami, FL - some of them are framed and ready to hang. Call for details. All limited edition prints are produced using pigment ink on fine art paper - available on demand as follows: • up to 5 copies (3 a.p.): 20" x 20" and 24" x 36" • up to 3 copies (2 a.p.): 40" x 40" and 40" x 60" Call for availability, portfolio review, or any inquiries.

These are part of Alex’s Books photo series. - here exhibiting over 15 photos at Manolis Projects Gallery (aka Lemon City, Little Haiti - Miami, FL), during the Art Basel/Art Miami - Dec/2016.  Sculpture by miles slater. 

© ALEX VIGNOLI - BEST SELLERS OUT OF CONTROL, 2016, Photo on Hot Press Bright paper, 24” x 24” (up to 5 copies) and 40” x 40” available (Up to 3 copies) - Please call for availability.
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